Advanced Polearm

A three section DVD of Duke Palymar teaching Polearm. The first section is useful to all fighters, which shows how much contact is legal under current SCA rules. The concepts in this section are used later to show how they can be used to your advantage.

The material Duke Palymar's covers is a must for any polearm fighter who wants to be effective against sword and shield fighters, as well as anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of polearm and how to build their own strong style.

This DVD runs almost exactly two hours, and is up close and personal. The sound and video are very clear, and are easy to understand. The DVD is has full menus.

Disc Contents:

- Introduction
- What is Grappling
- What You CAN Do
- Shield to Control Area
- Body vs. Shield
- Using the Blade to Control
- Incidental Contact
- Grabbing Weapons
- Counter-Manipulation

Basic Polearm Technique:
- Introduction
- Grips & Hand Changes
- Power vs. Technique
- Period Polearms

Smashmouth Polearm:
- Introduction
- Control the Arm
- The Matador
- C-Shots
- Trick Shots
- Hand Switching
- In Close
- Strategy
- vs. Two Sword
- Thrust Recovery
- vs. Two Handed Sword
- vs .Centergrip Shield
- vs. Polearm

Duke Palymar of the Two Baronies
Price: $19.00