Instructor's Training

Duke Paul is teaching in a small venue for almost eight hours in a two sessions that spanned two days. He covers all his fundamental fighting principles, with a focus on how to learn, analyze, and instruct. Footage includes troubleshooting technique.

The amount of material here is simply staggering. There is plenty here to keep you exploring and improving for months and years. The entire chapter list is listed below for you to see everything included in this set.
The footage is in HD and delivered on four DVDs with full menus so you can find what you want quickly, no pesky scanning over long periods. Caveat: there is some minor static in the audio which was not discovered until editing, and two brief (non-critical) points of sound problems. Overall, the sound is about 8/10 for quality, but the instruction is very clear and audible.
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Disc 1
Power Generation
Shot Delivery
Teaching Power Transmission
Shot Angles
Right Cross Techinque
Slide Step
Single Hip
Single Hip Footwork
Movements Drills
2 on 1 Drill
Side Returns
Side Return Motion Exercise
Offside Single Hip

Disc 2
Polearm Tactics
Attacking Polearm with Shield
Body vs. Shield
One Handed Polearm
Off Hand Approach
Shoulder Throw
The Corners
Throwing Through
Sidestep Approach
Attack Options
Greatsword vs. Shield
Two Sword
One Inch Punch Motion
On the Pell
Body Return to Offside Shot
Onside Return
On the Pell

Disc 3
Power Generation Review
Two Sword Hip Pivot
Single Hip Review
On the Pell
Onside Return
On the Pell
Catching a Runner
Side Return
Sword Motion Exercise
Overhead Return
Overhead Return Options
On the Pell
Changing Directions
Movement & Footwork
Bear Walk
Two Sword vs. Spear
Slow Work

Disc 4
Body and Sword Movement
Multiple Shot Movement Exercise
Range/Movement Exercise
Fall Away Snap
Power Rotation (Pell)
Fighting Lefties
Bending the Knees for Power
Facing the A-Frame
Approach Tactics
Pressure/Release (Greatsword)
Downstroke/Upstroke (Greatsword)
Greatsword Tactics

Duke Paul of Bellatrix
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