Knowne World Rattan Symposium

Classes from the Knowne World Rattan Symposium in Calontir. This was a full day of classes, including classroom, armored and non-armored drills by instructors from many kingdoms.
Six classes on three DVDs total. Each class is approximately an hour.

Full listing of DVD contents:
Disc 1:
Sword Theory and Movement - Earl Duncan Arthur Ross the Black (Ansteorra)
Movement and Mechanics - Duke Brannos O'Irongardail (Middle Kingdom)
Physical Training for Fighters - Tristan Pfalzgraf von Eisig (Northshield)

Disc 2:
Advanced Spear - Duke Brannos O'Irongardail (Middle Kingdom)
Melee Combat - Duke Brannos O'Irongardail (Middle Kingdom)
SCA Combat - A Learning Philosophy - Duke Sean Kirkpatrick Terragon (Artemesia)
Disc 3:
Commanding 101 - Viscount Mordain Blackcloak (Ealdormere)
Greatsword Technique - Duke Paul of Bellatrix (West Kingdom)
Glaive Technique - Duke Paul of Bellatrix (West Kingdom)

Price: $29.00